I run three Twitter Accounts.  Twitter is amazingly easy.  It is easy to follow people, it is easy to post Tweets and easy to include pictures and videos to Tweets.

When I feel the need to Internet Market, I open three browsers to open each Twitter account in each browser.  I then Hashtag, include a URL and then choose a picture or a video in a Tweet.  Twitter is so easy. Twitter helps me blast out my Hashtag Tweets in almost real time and when I Tweet, I'm doing it myself manually.  I'm a seasoned Internet Marketer.  I don't rely on software to post for me. I Internet Market at least a couple of times a week and Hashtag Tweets go viral fast and linger on for weeks and sometimes months.  Many times I receive a reply from a Tweet I did weeks or months ago.  It blows my mind.  Twitter is just amazing.

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