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Facebook is definitely one of the top Social Networking players.  Facebook gives you many options to build up a Following, Subscribers and Likes.

Of course I have a personal Facebook account and enjoy social sharing but I also use it to connect with people from all over the world.  I use to limit the people I connected with via my personal Facebook account but not anymore.  I now use it to connect with almost anyone. Of course we all must do our best to stay clear of scammers.

I have a personal Facebook account, run three Facebook Pages and two Facebook Groups.

I use two Facebook Pages as sister websites and blogs.  Because most people who follow my website and blog use Facebook, I post updates on the Facebook pages so my Following and Subscribers actually see the post.  For example, one Facebook Page is titled LotOfCouponsDotCom to match my LotOfCoupons.com website.  My FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook page matches my FreeWriteRevenueStreams. blogspot.com blogger blog.  Another Facebook Page I run is the RokuTVChannelDevelopers Facebook Page.  I don't have a website discussing television/broadcasting/producer endeavors but I use the RokuTVChannelDevelopers Facebook Page to discuss the hobby and has become very popular.  Facebook Pages show statistic charts that show how many Page Likes, Post Reaches and Post Engagements.

My Facebook Pages

ATTENTION!  If you give my Facebook Pages a Like, I'll give your Facebook Page a Like. Make sure to post your Facebook URL in the comment section OR private message me via Facebook.  I'd be more than happy to return the favor.

I run a Facebook Group too.  Online Article Writers.  This Group has become very popular. The Group now has daily activity.  Members Post their latest writings and members support one another by Liking, Sharing and Commenting on Posts.  The number count of this Group is in the thousands.

My Facebook Group
Online Article Writers

Facebook Pages and Groups also get indexed in the Search Engines and produce organic traffic.  Receiving organic traffic is HUGE.  In my opinion organic traffic is the best kind of traffic.  Why?  Because that means people were searching for what you have to offer, liked what you have to offer and decided to Follow or Subscribe.

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